Welcome! September 12 2014

Welcome to our new site! We're very happy you're here. Building this site has been on our to do list for the last 3 years. As our Etsy shop grew, building our own website just kept getting further and further down the list. But, we swore that 2014 would be the year that we finally launched our own site...so here we are - with over 3 months left in the year!

Along with this new fabulous site, we're also launching a ton of new products...some of which will be exclusive only to this site. Like our new vintage finds that we've spent the last two summers gathering at various flea markets and antique fairs throughout Ohio and Michigan.

We also have lots of new prints and cards featuring typographical sentiments and witty banter.

Because we were just too excited to wait any longer to launch this site, we're still finalizing testing. If you run into any issues while browsing or trying to make a purchase, please send us an email at info@cantonboxco.com.

Stay tuned for more new product launches throughout the year, and we've got big, big, big plans for this blog!